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Oh my...

This is a little thing I copied frommaggie_strange . You can go to her page to see how it works. I don't remember who I talked to last, so I'll just pick someone.

And I thought I was such a good girl...Collapse )

Writer's Block: Gamer's Choice

What is your favorite old-school video game?
Zelda. Obviously the older ones, mostly Ocarina Of Time. And if you're talking really old-school: Pitfall 1 and 2 for the Atari.

Writer's Block: Seven Days

Which day of the week do you least look forward to? And which one do you most anticipate?
Monday and Wednesday are the worst days, and I love Saturday.
What food would you miss most if you were sent to prison for the rest of your life?
Pizza, hands down. And candy: Hershey bars, Starburst, Skittles.


I'm going to Macalester. I relooked at everything and I figured I'd go there. And if I don't like it, I can transfer.


Well...Screw That.

So. I got all my acceptance letters from Brown, Columbia, and Dartmouth today. Or should I say rejectance letters. Since I didn't get in any of them. Columbia said it was there highest applicant pool ever, over 25,000, and they narrow down to just over 1000. My mom said that getting an interview was impressive. Yeah. Woopdie-doo.

Now I have two choices. Macalester and UW Seattle (I decided against Boulder). And of course we have to check which gives me more financial aid. Which at the moment looks to be Macalester. Of course. Because of the two choices I now have, it couldn't be the damn one I want to go to, could it? No.


Screw you Columbia.

Sickness Sucks

Seriously. I've been sick for, like, two weeks and I still feel like shit. Absolute shit. At least I can stay awake now, though, and I'm not sleeping for 16 hours in a row like I have over the past two weekends. But my nose is still plugged and running and doing the nasty crusty thing that happens overnight. And I'm waking up about 5 times a night. And I have to use nasty nose spray.


But wait! There's more!Collapse )

Don't you just love school?

I really wish I could just graduate already. I hate high school so much. It makes me so angry. I'm only halfway through the day and it's already been less fun than usual.


And I thought having class with him was bad enough...Collapse )


Yeah. So. I don't quite know what exactly I'm doing, and I don't really understand how to work this thing yet. :P

Oh, well, I'm going to Europe this summer. Dublin, London, Paris, Amsterdam. Should be a fun trip. At least we won't get lost in Paris until 3:30 in the morning this time. Hopefully. And we won't  be getting up at ungodly hours of the morning that no one should even think about doing on vacation...if that made sense. XD But that's a whole other story entirely. Worst damn vacation of my life. Seriously.

Yeah. I guess that's it. I'm not really in a ranty mood or anything. So.