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Goodbye Brain

So it's finally AP testing season. Goodie. I'm excited beyond belief, let me tell you.

I already took two of the tests, and I have two more to go. I'm not allowed to talk about them, though. The AP Police might find out and cancel my grade. Which would be such a tragedy for AP Calc, since I probably failed it anyway. The AP English was easy, especially since I got to write about Equus. That's the second time I've used it for an English essay this year. Which is awesome. And it's also really easy to write about easier than some of the books I'd actually read that were on the list of books that could be used, because I've actually seen it and I can picture it better. And now I better stop before I get off on a tangent about Equus and Dan. ;)

Also, apparently we have to finish the entire Calc 2 class or we'll fail it. Literally. Even though it isn't really for a technical grade, just a completion thing. That's stupid. We already took the AP test. And I have two more to do, which takes up time, on top of the fact that some of the lessons take many days to complete, and that after next Friday I'm on vacation until graduation practice...I'm so screwed. And the fact that I can't do it right unless I have someone explain it to me because math is not something you want to take online, at least not upper-level math.


And I thought I was finished with almost everything. But no.