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No More (High) School!

That's right. I have officially graduated. :D It was this morning at 10:00, though we had to start a little late because of the traffic because our town is stupid and decided to rip up and gravel-ize the road to the school before it's out. Because you wouldn't want to wait until the summertime, when there aren't buses and cars and stuff there. But I digress. Yeah. It was long and boring, just as I expected. And it was windy, but at least it was nice outside, so we had it on the football field instead of in the gym. I lost my (annoying) hat once, but thankfully it was before we actually made it out in front of the bleachers, so only the people behind me saw it. Everyone was trying to hold them on as they walked out. Yep. And they did all the boring speeches that no one honestly listens to because we all just want to get our diplomas and graduate already. Seriously.

Oh, and I graduated second in my class. AKA salutatorian. Everyone says that I'm really first though, 'cause the guy who got valedictorian doesn't count because no one could beat him. XD

And now I'm off to Europe for two weeks. So obviously I most likely won't be on here much. Just FYI.



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May. 31st, 2009 08:32 pm (UTC)
Congrats! The seniors at my school graduated on the 19th but I already kinda miss them and their shenanigans.

Oh and congratulations on being salutatorian! It must be awesome to know that you're like better than everyone else. Lucky duck. ;P

And have fun in Europe. I want to go!
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